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Re: "is it friendly"

Post Number:#16  Unread postby LittleFluffyBunnies » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:06 am

I don't get this question, just "is it tame", which means, "will it bite me and can I hold it".
For me, unless I did not breed the rabbit, none of mine mind being picked up. The ones I bought(as kits, but still), have to be held in a certain way or it will scratch, and one can barely be picked up at all. Did I work with them, hold them a lot, pet them a lot etc. when they were young? Yes. But they still don't really like it. The breeders I got them from didn't do hardly anything with them except pet them when they fed them, and shove them in a box to be sold.

On the other hand, the ones I have bred are fine. I work with them from day 1, holding them daily, carrying them(obviously not for long), and such. From week 2 they get carried everywhere with me, petted every time I open the cage, hand fed treats, held turned over like a baby, held in all positions that don't hurt them, get their paws and ears fiddled with, nails trimmed, put in a carry box, posed for photographs, have tiny hats put on them, etc. My family has lots of kids, and they all take turns holding them in their lap. Of course, unless they are like 10 years old they don't pick them up, and when the older ones do they do it how I show them to, properly and without hurting them. They are all taught how to handle them and are supervised. Other children that visit are also allowed to hold them, but only in their laps sitting down, and they are not allowed to pick them up and are supervised.

When I sell rabbits as pets, I demonstrate the proper way to handle, and hope that the adults are wise enough to instruct their kids. I do warn that if they are not held properly that they will naturally kick, but that they have been tamed to accept any kind of careful handling and playing.
Of course, if a kit is more rowdy than others I warn of that too. I try to tell each buyer about the kit's personality, likes, and dislikes.
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