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    A place to post bits of news, ideas, musings and other things that don't really fit into the other forums.
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    A place to vent about what's bugging you. Please keep it civil.
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    A forum to help find new homes for rabbits whose owners can no longer provide care for them. Everyone can read, but you must have 20 posts to participate in this forum.
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    Discussion of all aspects of rabbits as meat animals. If this subject is offensive to you, please do not visit.
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    One recipe per topic, please, to allow for comments and tweaking.
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  • Wool Rabbits and Fibre Arts
    Keeping rabbits for their wool and methods of using it.
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  • Rabbits for Fur
    Discussion of fur breeds, tanning pelts, using the furs, marketing.
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  • Ethical Rabbit Raising for the Pet Market
    A place to discuss the particular challenges and ethical issues facing the breeder of pet rabbits today.
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  • Other Ways to Profit from Rabbits
    From vermiculture and selling rabbit manure to rent-a-bunny for Easter photographs, this forum is a place to discuss other ideas for making a profit from rabbits.
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    A special place for pet owners to discuss their companion rabbits.
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    How to help your child get the most from a pet rabbit.
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    Discussion of specific breeds, breed standards and selection criteria for purebreds.
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    A place to ask about rabbit colours and to discuss rabbit genetics -- and how to breed for the desired results.
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    Discussion of rabbit shows, news and events and tips about showing your rabbits.
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    A place for community members to buy and sell rabbits or rabbit related items. Everyone can read, but you must have 20 posts to participate. ALL buy/sell/trade threads must be posted here.
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    Post your favourite links to useful rabbit websites here.
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