Guinea pig dressout ratio

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Re: Guinea pig dressout ratio

Post Number:#16  Unread postby Ghost » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:20 pm

Ok, I got a second crack at eating guinea pig. I was able to get weights on it, but I used a hand made balance, to weigh against a bottle with rocks and water. After weighing the bottle on a market scale, I assume my accuracy is ±20%. In other words these are just rough estimates.

The guinea I took weighed 2.3Lbs at death, One of the larger European mutts. Dressed out she weighed 1.2 Lbs including liver heart and kidneys. This gave me a yield of 50% for meat+fat+bone. Not the best, but these GPs were not breed as meat GPs. Still glad she gave me about a pound of meat.

The butcher style I used I call western skin-off, which means head and feet removed, along with the skin (I used open skinning). This is different to a western skin-on where the guinea pig is scalded and and the fur is plucked out.

GPs have a good amount of meat in the neck/head region. Because of this, when you dress a headless carcass, the best dress-out ratio is obtained by keeping as much neck on the body as possible. After examining the severed head, I did find that there was a single vertebra attached to the skull, even though I would have preferred to cut the head from the final vertebra.

Here are pictures of the final dressed meat carcass.
guinea pig meat carcass ventral side
meat-carcass-01B.jpg (39.59 KiB) Viewed 138 times
guinea pig meat carcass dorsal side
meat-carcass-01A.jpg (36.94 KiB) Viewed 138 times
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Re: Guinea pig dressout ratio

Post Number:#17  Unread postby akane » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:22 am

While a pound of remaining carcass seems small keep in mind the dress out on a rabbit not bred specifically for meat purposes but still from commercial body types will frequently barely get you 50% and 60% is usually plenty acceptable for a meat line. Poultry do surpass mammals in that aspect with closer to 70-80% hot or hanging carcass weight. They barely have a head, legs (do have uses), or any heavy bone to the parts removed along with a shorter digestive tract. To get around 50% when all inedibles but bone are removed out of a lighter boned mammal is not a bad end product depending what you spend on feed. Now go search up some new "receta de cuy". ;)
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