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Funny Adventures

Post Number:#1  Unread postby ButtonsPalace » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:37 pm

Let me start by saying, my past two days have been NUTTY! haha!

I started my Saturday like every other day, checking my emails and the such, not even an hour of being up and the power goes out...
From 11-3:30 we had no power. 3:30 we got power and internet for about an hour, I left to sell a rabbit and while I was gone the power went out again. I came back home after waiting forever for the lady to show up (We had a miscommunication/ I forgot I was supposed to go Friday not Saturday :O)... Well I sell my rabbits at the church near my house because they have such a huge lawn it's an easy place to find, also right off the hwy, well they were practicing for their Christmas play so we got offered pizza, warmth, and soda but had to stay out and wait, so they brought us pizza and soda! Very nice people for sure! But when they came to bring us stuff they woke up and scared the little bunny who then jumped out of the container and booked it, it was a funny chase and resulted in the little buck screaming as we closed in on him, it just so happened my boyfriend fell and the buck ran to him to take cover. (He is 100% ok just wanted us to get some exercise) After all this crazyness I come back home, the power is still out, so I then walk to my neighbors (ALL OUR NEIGHBORS HAD POWER!!! by the way) and used the phone to call the power company who then came out around 11 and cut it back on.

On to Sunday, although we have power there is still no internet, so I still haven't heard anything from the lady about the rabbit, I went to the Christmas play at the church which was very worth it because it was so cute! It was also nice meeting a few of the people from the church who were also very friendly. We came back and internet (of course) was still out. Thankfully they got it fixed and I finally got to message the lady about the rabbit and all is well :) Just wanted to share since I thought it was pretty funny all in all
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