French Angora

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French Angora

Post Number:#1  Unread postby ozemba » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:27 pm

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I've been thinking about angoras lately, and this french angora showed up on craigslist tonight...

I just was wondering how well they do as fiber rabbits vs. meat rabbits, I know they can be used as a dual purpose rabbit. They would have more upkeep and I'm sure a slower growth rate than a short haired rabbit but they are just so FLUFFY I want one...

Does anyone have experience with French angoras? There is a fawn buck available along with this doe but I like her looks better.

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Re: French Angora

Post Number:#2  Unread postby PSFAngoras » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:21 am

Fiber production depends on the lines really. I would ask the seller how they do. As a general rule, most French angoras produce about 1 pound of fiber a year, some do worse and some do better. I have had FA for 6 years, and though my old lines had good production at about 3-5 ounces a molt, some of the new lines I’ve picked up have very low production. They’re being bred to better meet show standards it seems in my area though, not wool production, so wool production has suffered. (The two SHOULD theoretically be hand in hand, but it hasn’t been for some reason.) If the breeder you’re looking to buy from has paid attention to wool production than their rabbits could very well be good producers. Never hurts to ask.
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