Critterz Chewzit May Specials

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Critterz Chewzit May Specials

Post Number:#1  Unread postby MamaSheepdog » Fri May 20, 2016 10:15 am


In this month's discounted packages, Critterz Chewzit would like to introduce the "Orbitz," our newest addition to the Chewzit line up!

This incredibly fun toy is designed to be hung from the top of the cage. It tends to spin when rabbits interact with it, making it a great conditioning toy since they must put out a lot of effort in order to "chewzit" up!

The Orbitz is not only a colorful treat for the eyes, but also has wood, yucca, and a delicious apple oat cookie, making it a tasty treat for your beloved bunz!

IMG_9510.JPG (434.84 KiB) Viewed 321 times
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Our small package contains a dozen Chewzits for only $23- less than $2.00 a toy! It includes 6 Tattoozits for your show carriers or use in the rabbitry, 5 Mini Double Chewzits, and 1 Orbitz.

Our medium package has 18 Chewztis for $35. It includes 5 Mini Double Chewzits, 5 Tattoozits, 5 Deluxe Tattoozits (handy for holding hay in your carriers or cages!), and 3 Orbitz.

Our large package of 30 Chewzits includes all of that and our popular Deluxe Old Salty Chewzit as well! Spoil your bunnies with 10 Tattoozits, 5 Deluxe Tattoozits, 5 Mini Double Chewzits, 5 Deluxe Old Salty Chewzits, and 5 Orbitz!

Invoicing via PayPal. To place an order, simply message me with your email address. Remember to include your zip code for a shipping quote!

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