breeding my holland lop concerns

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Re: breeding my holland lop concerns

Post Number:#16  Unread postby Nymphadora » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:12 pm

MeadowView wrote:I don't think you should breed your rabbits unless you have a reason. Have you thought about your reasons? if your bunnies are pets, keep them that way! If you want to breed for show, meat, or feeders, that's great, but to add more rabbits into an already over-saturated market because you don't think you'd have a problem selling them is a little silly. Remember, just because you don't see pet rabbits for sale doesn't mean they aren't out there. They are.

Personally, I agree with this. Raising rabbits with a purpose, whether for meat or show, seems fine to me. But the pet market gets into uncomfortable territory for me. Most pet breeders aren't breeding towards any standards, they just want to experience cute baby bunnies for a time.

I'm not saying you absolutely shouldn't breed, LopLionheadLady, but taking a moment to really think about what your reasons are is a valid suggestion. I know you said earlier you didn't want to buy a buck... but what if one or two of your new bunnies don't sell? Would you keep them? What if there are issues in a litter, or a baby gets injured beyond help? There's more to breeding than just letting the rabbits do what they do best, and sometimes that means a little heartbreak for those of us committed to raising these animals.


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