Woha, long time ago!

So.. I have decided to revive this poor old critter (the blog).

First off I noticed that the pictures are gone. This is because I deleted a facebook account here I had said pictures, and they went down with it. Sorry, I have them no longer, you all have to live on wondering what they looked like ;)

A lot of personal things happened this summer, including but not only that horses, dogs and pople had to visit the doctor for more or less serious conditions. My buck got sores on his  feet that heals and then re-appears, and I really don’t get why. However he has a lot of good qualities so I want to keep him. The sores started because I accidentally neglected to trim  his feet. But it seem to have calmed down now, no more sores the past month.

Koriander lives together with two does now. I hope for kits, of course, but they have provided none. I know they mate, but still no kits. I believe it’s simply  because they’re together and it’s winter. I never had any kits with the buck with the does 24/7. My other two does seem preggers though and one had a litter a couple of weeks ago – but they do not have the luxury of a buck in their pen.

Rams has a neutered buck for company. They’e both lovely friends and Rams temper improved a lot once he got some company. :)

Kyndel and her kits

The current breeders colony – just above the horses ears is Rams and Dragon in the buck-cage on the wall. Below them is the residense of Kyndel, Kummin and Dill, and Kyndels kits. (I have hopes that Kummin and Rams will have kits soon). And to the right we  have Spira, Koriander and Sotöra.Skärmavbild 2013-11-02 kl. 11.49.26 Skärmavbild 2013-11-02 kl. 11.49.45Spira, Sotöra and Koris pen. Skärmavbild 2013-11-02 kl. 11.50.15And these two pictures (above and below) is Rams and Dragon. :) Skärmavbild 2013-11-02 kl. 11.50.33


Figured it was time to update :)

Well, this far the concrete seem to have worked. My five kits are still five. I have not lost any, but I have not gotten any new ones either.. *sigh*

Koriander has moved into his new hutch on the colony wall and Lakrits are gone. I’m happy with Koris cage – it’s sturdy and large enough. I can open the entire front if I need to and I can even get in and it in it without a problem.

I have more straw in the pottycorners and straw alongone side. It seemed like a good idea.. and wet straw is easier to dispose of than wet sand is to wash and dry. In the picture above you can see the concrete in the background, that was just stones and so before. I have put wire in the concrete as well and up on the walls. And yeah, the sand is in need of sifting. Or was, since I have cleaned and  sifted the colony since the picture was taken.

From the outside:

The girls have missed yet another kinding date and I really start to wonder why they won’t get anymore kits. I hope it’s just the stress of the rat attacks or something and that it will wear off, but I’m starting to feel very frustrated. I know they get properly bred, I know they get good food and water, it is the right season, they have light… why won’t they have kits?

If Madra, the red one, does get a litter of kits though, she may be heading to winter vacation. We’ll see. I don’t like her behaviour, she’s awful to catch and very nervous.. never aggressive or bitey, but frustrating to deal with. I don’t think she’s very happy as it is either. But well, I need replacements first.. athough if she keeps not having litters, why would I need her? Oh well. For now, it’s just waiting game.

Sad news

I have rat issues in my colony. In about a week I’ve lost 5 of 10 kits. 3 just dissapeared, 1 got sick (stomache issue) and one was found half eaten. One was bit but is otherwise fine.

I started with covering the holes I thought could be the problem, when two of the kits were gone one morning.

Another kit disappeared and I changed the net in the roof to a more sturdy one, figuring the rats took that way out with the kits.

One kit got a twist of his inestines when I moved them all into a cage to keep them safe. It was the most horrible and failed attempt, but I tried to put him down. I succeeded but it took way longer and was very cruel and dramatic.. I had nightmares about the poor creature.

Then it seemed to be okay for a few days. And this morning I found half a kit in there, they couldn’t pull it in through the hole they had chewed. I’m now filling the floor and that side with concrete. I’ll do anther layer on saturday.

I hurt my fingers too, when working with the concrete.. I’m not much for tools you see but using your hands for that kind of work appearantly rub the skin off your fingertips.

About comments

I’ll write it here so if you are a real person and wonder why your comment won’t ever show:

I won’t approve any comment if I don’t see any sign that the writer has actually read the blog. No matter how flattering. If it only refer to what I write as ”text”, ”content”, ”blog”, “interesting subject”  etc I will believe it is just spam sent out because the linking to other sites that can be made in comments. No matter how flattering it is ;)

I get A LOT of comments in the line of:

An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment.

“I think that you should publish more on this subject,
it might not be a taboo subject but typically folks don’t discuss such issues. To the next! Cheers!!”

Especially on one post.. and frankly I don’t feel it’s written by anyone reading it but just a message that’s constructed in a way to fit most websites.

Therefore, if you are an actual person that has read the blog and want to comment, please let me know that by at least mentioning rabbits or whatever the post is about.

Oh, and I know I’ve already let some coments like that slip, but I don’t see a reason to remove them.

More changes.. and some random rambling

I’ll start with the bad news. The white and grey lop has moved, which in itself is a good thing. But she died just 4 days after the move, which is very sad. I made a necropsy to make sure it wasn’t anything contageous or coccoidia or such, since that would be a big worry otherwise and she was difficult to put weight on afterall. The good part is that she didn’t have any sign of anything contageous, but what we think happened is thayt she choke on a piece of straw (it ws unchewed and inches down her throat with froth around her mouth), panicked and bumped head first into a wall. She hd broken teeth which were fine days before, perhaps a spinal injury.

So thankfully nothing contageous and not anyone  can be blamed for, but still it’s a sad end for the little thing when she was finally moving to a colony with nicer rabbits than mine.

Another change is that I now have sand in the indoor colony instead of shavings. The sand is easier to sift and keep clean.

Kummin and Lakrits had a date today. I’ll also be moving Kori to a 8×3′ cage on the wall of the colony to get his pen available for kits. I need to build the cage first though. Once he’s moved, Lakrits will go on a winter vacation to the freezer.

Madra – the red doe – will hopefully get a litter around the 27th. Depending on how the pure SP and her crosses grow, I might keep a buck from her litter to replace Kori. Or I might keep a doe from her litter to replace her.. she’s a good doe but she’s so skittish and I’m getting tired of chasing her around everytime I want to check on her. Even lakrits has learnt to let me pet him when I feed..

Fixing the pen and a short video

I’ve changed the straw to shavings in my indoor pen. It just feels easier to keep it clean.. I still have straw in there so they can nest, but not on the floor. :)

I figure I could add pictures of the new toys I put there as well. And further down there’s a video.. excuse the voice, the english and the swedish inputs. ;)

So.. video…

The new pen

Happy easter!


Yaay! I’ve finally got my first litter! And they’re definetly Koris since I havn’t had Lakrits that long :)

It’s 5 squiggly little popples, all warm and lively! Yesterday I got a bit thoughtful – “Did I really put 5 inches of straw in that nestbox? And what with the random hay strands?” but it was all an even bedding so I wasn’t sure. I poked the lid open today to check on it.. and saw a bunch of fur! Very excited, I carefully let my han close – it was warm! I gently dug up five little ones.. I’m so happy! And a good big nest too. Good bunny!

Of course they got born during the storm, when else? :P It’s Kyndel that’s the mother, Kummin suddenly feels horribly big now when I compare them ;) Perhaps a new litter on the way? I hope so :P So five little Swedish Pelt rabbits.

And Lakrits is now mine…

Soo.. I ended up making a deal with the owner of Lakrits. I’m trading half of the first litter for him. This way if he is the answer to my failed breedings, I can keep breeding with him while I wait for a replacement buck to grow out. And I have more chances of test-breeding and such. I don’t really want him permanently in my lines since hes too much bones and too little meat, but having litters out of him is better than having no litter at all. He will eventually end up in a pot, I’m afraid, but untill then he’s part of the stock.

Another good thing is that I can keep Kori and him  in the outdoor pens so that neither is alone, and the does have more space in the colony without the temporary wall.


And Kori in the cage next to Lakrits

And the girls

Lakrits, borrowed male

Siunce none of my two does gets kits at all despite aving lots of ”quality time” and getting propertly covered etc, I askedaround for a buck to rent. It’s not unusual here, I see ads about bucks for hire all the time and when I asked in the forums I didn’t get one single warning about disease etc even if I asked them if they thought it to be a risk. Quite the opposite, several people were happy to lend me a buck to get my breeding going. I ended up choosing a black sheckered giant (yeah.. he got solid black so he didn’t get an official pedigree, but he’s purebred). I chose him mainly because he’s closeby. If there’s kits, the owner wants to pick a doe from the litter.. fine by me. I’ll be puicking a buck, most probably, and eat the rest. Anyway little Lakrits is a friendly bunny.  He has covered both my ladies a few times now.. let’s hope I get some kits this time!

Here’s a picture of him. The arrow points him out.. I thought he’d be bigger concidering the breed, but perhaps my pelts are bigger rabbits than I though.. :lol: Madra was smaller than I had thought too, she’s still smaller than the Pelts and she’s a NZR which should be larger. Not fully adult yet though. The frensh lop is also very small.. I guess my pelts are a decent size afterall.

All does together – a colony now!

Hi again! Not a whole lot has happened since the last post. Another kindle-date has passed without any kits showing, both  adult does are bred. Breeding goes easier now. Kummin might kindle this weekend but I’m not keeping my hopes up (she and Kori managed to steal a moment 27 days ago. I know he covered her and she lifted, so she should be preggers.. but the other times  failed so we’ll see.)

The new does, Fläer and Madra, first moved out in the outdoor pen. Which by the way is finished now!  It has a good roof and some walls. The closest wall are not covering as much since our house is shielding that side. It’s not wonderfully pretty but highly functional. Some photos of that:

A few days ago I set the both newbies in with the others. I did an hour of ”getting to know each other” in a smaller cage, and the first day little Madra was so terrified about the two black demon-rabbits.. But there has been no injuries and I couldn’t see any aggressive behaviour (a bit of chasing but nothing bad, no fur flying even) so I let them stay together. And now, a few days later they’re fiends and going along well :) I hope this will keep working out whn they get kits as well.

More pictures will have to finish this post! I gave them a  box to play with :P

Blurry but funny.. she was just seeing if it would tip over :P

And they don’t fight over food (there are several bowls placed in the pen so this is by free choice)

I really like the colony set up. Now I just wish they’d actually multiply! :P