My First Stop-Motion Video

Monday, 30. August 2010

This is the first stop-motion video I made. It’s so jerky because I didn’t know how to keep the camera still then.

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  1. shrarvrs Says:

    That’s pretty cool that you can do that! I have never learned, although when I watch shows that are made this way, I am very impressed with the time and patience it must take to make them.

    Good job, and welcome to blogging! I look forward to seeing what you put on here!

  2. Miss M Says:

    Hi, Shara! I went ahead and approved your comment for him, since he was in bed by the time I saw it. :D He’ll be so thrilled to see your comment!

    He’s looking forward to posting more of his videos. He’s definitely still learning, but he’s getting better! :)

  3. eco2pia Says:

    Sweeet! My kids are going to love this, they are homeschooled (14 & 7, both girls) and this kind of project is right up their alley–you should think about doing a tutorial that explains how you do this, because I know they are going to ask me!

    Very, very cool!


  4. bunny-wan kenobi Says:

    Thank you, Miss Shara & Miss Brandy! :) I might do a tutorial. Thank you for the idea!

  5. ladysown Says:

    that was cool. teach me how to do that :)

  6. Miss M Says:

    Bunny-Wan Kenobi told me to tell you he will. :D

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