“Frog Attack” stop motion video

Wednesday, 11. January 2012

This is a stop motion video I made called “Frog Attack”.

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Thursday, 21. April 2011

http://youtu.be/i_yilMQ1hdg this is a stop motion video Rancor conflict

So, so true

Tuesday, 30. November 2010

This is so, so true.  ILoveBunnies and I were playing Apples to Apples Junior, and we came upon a card that said “Worthless”.  I had the funniest answer!

Don't you agree?

Funny Icon Wars

Monday, 29. November 2010

This is a funny war with computer icons:


Baby Bunnies!

Wednesday, 24. November 2010

Pearl and Squeak had baby bunnies last night. Here are the pictures…

Pearl's six popples

Squeak's six popples

Jazz with a General Problem…

Sunday, 17. October 2010

This is a stop motion video called “Jazz with a General Problem”. It is very funny…


Wednesday, 8. September 2010

Can you believe it, $43!!!

Screaming Banshee toy

[align="alignleft"]I asked Mom to look on eBay for the Screaming Banshee toy.  We found one, but it was too expensive.  Here is the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120616232482&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT .

So we looked on Amazon.  Still too expensive:  http://www.amazon.com/Mattel-M2281-CARS-Banshee-Playset/dp/B0014484GS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1283982888&sr=8-1

I really wanted to save my money and buy this toy because it’s a pretty cool “Cars” character.  But I can’t buy it because they didn’t make a lot of them, so collectors buy them, and that’s why the price is so high.  But collectors just make that poor toy sit on a shelf!!!

The Screaming Banshee is a character from a funny short called “Mater and the Ghost Light”, with the movie “Cars”.  Here’s a picture of the Screaming Banshee:

The Screaming Banshee tries to scare Mater

Here’s the video of “Mater and the Ghost Light”.  It’s pretty funny:


How to make a stop-motion video

Thursday, 2. September 2010

Making a stop-motion video is easy.  Just have a toy in a position & take a picture.  Move the toy a little bit & take another picture.  Keep doing that.  It’s better to move it just a teeny-tiny bit.  If you want the toy to look like it is going faster, move it a little more than a teeny-tiny bit, just move it a tiny bit.  If you move it too much, it will be jerky.

After you take all of your pictures, you import your pictures into Windows Movie Maker.  Click on Tools and Options and Advanced, and set it so that each picture shows for the smallest amount of time.  Then set it so that the transition time is the smallest.  Then highlight all your pictures, and drag them to the timeline at the bottom.

You can watch your video after that, but it is usually jerky.  You have to save it for it to play right.

To save your video, click File, then Save Movie File.  Pick where you want to save it, and some other options, and then save it,  & you’re done!  200 or 300 pictures will make a video about a minute long.

Welcome to my New Blog!

Monday, 30. August 2010

Hi!  This is the owner.  Have fun on Stop Motion Bunnies!!!

My First Stop-Motion Video

Monday, 30. August 2010

This is the first stop-motion video I made. It’s so jerky because I didn’t know how to keep the camera still then.