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Mini rex and argente rabbits

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Kaiusagi Rabbitry is located in eastern Iowa.  We are currently breeding mini rex and looking for standard or american chinchilla rabbits for meat.  It all started with a little broken castor mini rex doe my husband bought me early last spring and has now expanded to 3 mini rex does and 2 mini rex bucks with our first litter on the way.

Kaiusagi pronunciation:  Quick japanese lesson.  All syllables (with a few exceptions) end with the vowel.  AI is generally condensed down to the same as saying the letter I so kai is like sky without the s.  U is oo, A is ah, and I is like saying letter e.  So we have Kai-u-sa-gi or Ky-oo-saw-gi.

This blog has been shut down in favor of the blog on my dedicated webpage http://kaiusagi.hostwebs.com/blog/

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  1. chinchillas says:

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  2. kim martin says:

    I noticed a mention that you have a lot of storage cube panels and I was hoping you might want to sell them. let me know. thanks.

  3. eco2pia says:


    Actually, I just realized that a jenny can be a girl donkey or mule…so even english meanings can escape me appearantly! lol.

  4. akane says:

    Japanese words often have multiple meanings and which one you use depends on how you write the word so when you are using roman letters instead of kanji and kana it can be difficult to translate things. Akane can mean red since it’s associated with the red dye from a plant. Kaiusagi is 2 parts. Usagi pretty much only means rabbit of any species. Kai means to keep, to feed, to tame, to raise…..

  5. eco2pia says:

    Interesting, I have a variety of apple tree named Akane, at first when I saw your screen name I thought maybe you just had an orchard! :)

    Does Akane mean anything concrete or is it like “Jenny”? What does your Rabbitry name mean? I like knowing meanings, because I like word pictures, words are fun.

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