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pet vs meat

You know what is highly annoying… The fact I can’t post about my rabbits anywhere online except maybe 2 locations.  As soon as someone finds out some of your rabbits get butchered everything hits the fan and the pet forums ban the discussion.  It’s not like my rabbits are raised any differently.  They are fed treats, given nicknames, even played with on the bed, and hauled around in coat hoods in the winter.  Many are sold for pets and show.  It wouldn’t matter though if I sold 99% and butchered that 1%.  Rabbits can’t be pets and meat.  Generally they shouldn’t be meat according to people.  If you compare it to other livestock people say those aren’t pets but the people raising bottle calves and goats would probably argue some with you.  They are cared for and handled like pets.  Chickens sit on that line too.  Some keep them as pets, some keep them for pets and eggs, some keep them just for eggs, some keep them for meat, and some keep them for all 3.  I have no problem seeing it as a pet right until the day it needs to serve another purpose.  They are both and all of the above.  There is no less level of care, work, or knowledge put in to them.  Even if I were vegetarian my dogs and cats are not.  They are obligate carnivores and while I could feed them kibble and canned made of mystery meat that would be far crueler to the animals used for pet food and I find it horrible that people have no problems remaining ignorant of the animals that died to keep others alive.  Why should it be acceptable to feed meat to anything when you protest the butchering of a well raised and cared for animal?  Why can my breeding and young animals not be pets?  How much more do I have to spoil them and enjoy them before they equal pets?


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9 Responses to “pet vs meat”

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  4. Terri says:

    You can discuss your rabbits on my blog and even butchering them. I am tired of the Easter bunny syndrome! I recently got into rabbits. Very very recent less than a month ago I got my first French angora for a pet but mainly wool to spin and make my children’s winter clothes. People like the fact that ignorance is bliss. I research everything! My family always asks is there anything you don’t know something about? The answer is yes of course but I try to learn something new everyday! My researching our foods we get at the grocery store has resulted in me “trying” to share with my loved ones “sister” mainly about how they are treated as well as all the non natural Crap they put into it! I wasn’t surprised by her response of don’t tell me I don’t want to even know. We can only control what we do and thankfully we still have the right to raise and eat what we want and talk about what we want! I plan on raising meat rabbits for food and pelts.

  5. Miss M says:

    Many more people used to be able to understand this concept than do now. Also, people in less-advanced countries, that don’t have the luxury of being able to go to the store to purchase packaged meat — or just deciding not to eat meat at all — still have this understanding. They raise their animals, they love them, then they butcher and eat them. People in this country and some of Europe have become so disconnected from their food, and make it difficult for those who aren’t disconnected.

  6. ladysown says:

    generally thinking….many don’t really think it through.

    an unknown animal…sure…it can be killed. But a known animal? You can’t kill that!!!! (particularly if it’s cute).

    but the same thing goes for people. If someone YOU know or are connected to gets ill you feel worse for them. But some mystery person on the other side of the world gets ill…it’s a whole lot harder to feel empathy for them.

  7. jt_hunter says:

    People are really strange…I see this all the time as a hunter…I only hunt what I eat…and hunt for meat…not antlers…now…raising rabbits, I really get it from some friends…they say…”Well at least the poor defensless deer had some small chance to get away…but the rabbits have no chance at all”…well….that was the idea…did not get a deer last year…started to raise rabbits…freezer is filling up, and I am once again providing food for myself and family…food that I have some idea what it has eaten…just had rabbit liver last Saturday…now think about it…a beef liver…who knows what that has filtered out of the animals body….my rabbits…nada…nothing that is not natural…and it was soooooooo….good..

  8. devonw says:

    I have one of those crazy preaching vegan friends (bless her). She is absolutely against killing animals for human consumption among other reasons such as the animal is suffering from an incurable disease that effects it’s quality of life, she still thinks it’s wrong.

    Anyways I digress again. She has several pet cats. Who eat that glorious mystery meat in canned food and apparently it’s not cruel. She thinks it’s cruel that I raise rabbits and buy chickens to butcher for my dogs.

    I still have no idea if she’s actually serious.

  9. eco2pia says:

    I think it takes a special mindset for people to hold that line in their head. I am grateful for rabbittalk as a place where it is safe to say that I love my cute little rabbits and then I eat them. I completely understand your frustration, but I think it is some practicality or pragmatism or something missing in the folks who can’t handle the dual purpose animal. I find it something of a mystery, myself. I know people who can’t imagine nursing their own babies–we have gotten out of touch with our physical animal selves or something. It makes me sad, because I think loving the animals you eat is actually MORE civilized, not less.

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