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The d’argent x mini rex crosses butchered out pretty well at 4.5-5lbs at 3months old.  We are letting the second batch go 4months to see if they get a little bigger.  In the meantime we have a litter of 5 champagnes and the creme doe was bred to the champagne buck.  She was carrying hay around today.  We are moving so we sold the mini rex down to my pet doe Amako, a lilac buck I plan to use for future breeding, his full sister Tsuya, and a broken blue buck from demon rabbit and Mocha.  I plan to breed Tsuya to the blue and keep a broken doe, preferably chocolate, to breed with the lilac.  I think that will dilute demon rabbit’s line enough to make sane rabbits.  Tomorrow is potentially going to be a record high for this time of year so hopefully everyone stays cool enough.


Champagne kits


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  1. ladysown says:

    if I want to keep a kit or two from a nasty rabbit I make sure that I breed a VERY calm rabbit at the same time and then I switch out the litters. Young rabbits learn alot from how momma reacts to the world so I find that it helps in settling kits from “demon” rabbits to just give them straightaway to a calm rabbit. Might be something to consider. :)

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