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Archive for January, 2011

Our first 2011 kit lives

It was a close call with Twix being all upset about the cage changes and no does due for at least a couple days.  Finally she calmed down and the nestbox with kit could be put back in.  After holding her over it once she then fed the kit sometime in the night.  Here she is(I’m guessing and hoping it’s a doe):

This is out of Twix(chocolate) and Ashige(blue) making it also Ashige’s first kit.  I’m thinking she’s blue.


I have a doe inside in the solid bottom cage that I have marked down as due on the 8th so I just went to clean the cage and put the nestbox in.  As I got to the last corner a  little wriggly black kit fell out of the pile of hay.  It has fur…  I can’t believe my dates are that wrong…  Maybe I accidentally marked the wrong week down on breeding day…  I’m just don’t know.  Anyway it is healthy, full of milk, but after sifting through the bedding handful by handful I found that it’s alone and it wasn’t very warm.  I filled the nestbox with fluffy shavings, straw, and made an indent.  Then stuck the kit with what fur I salvaged in to the indent and put the nestbox in the corner I found the kit.  Then packed the cage full of shavings so I could partially bury the nestbox.  I’m hoping it stays warm and I”m hoping Twix continues feeding it after this complete upset and change in her situation.

Now I’m questioning my due date for the whole colony especially since Amako was set on nesting last night and I don’t have them due for another week and a half.  I’m wondering if all my dates are a week off somehow.  I have to go play musical cages now so I can get everyone where I want them before they pop out kits.