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Archive for December 27th, 2010

new meat rabbit experiment

So far we’ve gotten 3 d’argent does that were supposedly pregnant.  2 champagne and 1 creme with a bit of new zealand in her.  1 champagne died of a prolasped uterus after giving birth to 7 half mini rex kits and the other 2 does who were bred to d’argent bucks failed to produce any kits.  In the mean time Mocha, the chocolate mini rex buck, has been popping out babies with multiple does.  Aside from being a good breeder Mocha is also extremely laid back, easy to handle, and eats and drinks minimal amounts.  Not having a large buck yet we decided to put Mocha on the floor with the d’argent does and a couple mini rex to pretty much gurantee us some kits who hopefully have a bit of size on Mocha but aren’t bottomless pits who can inhale half a bag of feed a day like the big does will if you let them.  The 2 remaining does probably eat as much as all 8 mini rex together.  They may produce more meat at once but they sure don’t do it efficiently.  We’ll see in another 2 weeks if we finally get some meat rabbits for the spring and what size they grow to be.