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Archive for November 6th, 2010

The insatiable champagne does

Pellet storage lesson one:  Do not set the bucket of pellets on the floor within reach of the big does while dishing out pellets.  They will have it tipped before you can blink.

Lesson two: Champagnes can apparently fly because even if you set the bucket 4′+ high they will get it down.

Lesson three: Leaving the new bag of pellets on the floor of the colony while you decide where to store it is a bad idea.  They will not just slowly damage the layers of the bag.  They will quite happily rip out both sides and spill/eat about 20lbs of pellets.

Lesson four: Luckily champagnes seem to have more than average stomach durability and so long as they have hay around they do not seem to bloat while you learn lessons 1-3.

As a bonus here’s Twix’s insanely cute lilac kit