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Archive for November, 2010

The insatiable champagne does

Pellet storage lesson one:  Do not set the bucket of pellets on the floor within reach of the big does while dishing out pellets.  They will have it tipped before you can blink.

Lesson two: Champagnes can apparently fly because even if you set the bucket 4′+ high they will get it down.

Lesson three: Leaving the new bag of pellets on the floor of the colony while you decide where to store it is a bad idea.  They will not just slowly damage the layers of the bag.  They will quite happily rip out both sides and spill/eat about 20lbs of pellets.

Lesson four: Luckily champagnes seem to have more than average stomach durability and so long as they have hay around they do not seem to bloat while you learn lessons 1-3.

As a bonus here’s Twix’s insanely cute lilac kit

breeding demon rabbit

Demon rabbit and I had a discussion on her purpose in life today.  I was content to leave her be until spring but she started making trouble in the colony and got caged again.  I’m not separately feeding, watering, and cleaning a cage for her to do nothing all winter so since she’s a bit over 5 months now I put her with my very experienced buck.  This did not go nearly as well as Mocha and I hoped.  He gave it his best shot and I actually held her in place a few times.  She did everything imaginable to keep from being bred short of attacking my buck.  If it were any other rabbit I would have written her off as not being ready to breed but this is demon rabbit.  She doesn’t do anything willingly, hates to be handled, and hates to have the other rabbits encroach on her personal bubble irregardless of gender.  After trying in various ways to line up her hindquarters for Mocha he did manage it once I think.  I left them together with her making about as much racket as usual when anyone is around while I fed and watered the others but Mocha made no more progress and his sides were heaving from the effort.  I tried to get her to lift again but I only succeeded in providing her with an escape route.  I had to go collect her from terrorizing the younger rabbits in the colony while the champagne does followed along out of curiosity.  Demon rabbit was returned to her cage to thump and scream about it all.  I feel sorry for the little buck in the cage next to her.   We have decided her purpose in life is to make mine more interesting.  I still say her pretty broken blue fur would be just as pretty when it’s not attached to a psychotic attack rabbit who ripped my arm open tonight for probably the 20th time.  Maybe her real reason for existence is to frustrate me in to being able to go through with my meat rabbit plans.
I do have to comment on the laid back attitude of the champagnes.  Aside from the younger doe’s shock at suddenly being loose on the ground with her older sister the first day I have yet to hear one of them thump or express disagreement.  Tonight’s events were just entertainment to them while they begged for peppermint treats.  The mini rex kits who are hardly bigger than their heads follow them about copying everything they do, grooming their fur, getting underfoot, and occasionally climbing on them.  The mini rex does seem to think this is a nice arrangement since even Amako who took very good care of her kits would rather they never bothered her except when she decided to feed them.