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Archive for October, 2010

Kit update

Amako’s kits are eating some hay and left the nest box for the first time yesterday.

Twix had 3 kits but one died and we had to take Twix to the vet because she was very lethargic and not eating. We couldn’t find anything wrong except her genitals were swollen. I’m thinking the kit that was dead got stuck and put more strain on everything. After some pain killers Twix started acting normal. I think the 2 remaining kits are chocolate and lilac.

Waiting again

Amako’s little ones have opened their eyes but I haven’t had time to get pictures.  My akita has spent the past few days staring at the nest box waiting for the kits to make their first appearance on their own.  Now Twix is due on wednesday. She made an indent in the hay in her hayloft before I put the nest box in. Hopefully she doesn’t decide to have babies there but I suppose they’d be fine for a day until I got them moved if she did. She seems uninterested in nesting for now. Crossing fingers for some himalayans. She and Mocha either carry rew or himi. If it’s rew I’m culling it out of my herd but I wouldn’t mind some himis. There’s also a slim chance for lilac which would be fine since my other buck and doe are blue.

New rabbits

Finally got pics of the new rabbits I got Friday.  I went for a champagne d’argent buck and doe but he only had siblings he wanted to part with so he sold me a doe, bred her to another buck, then gave me her younger sister for free that he just thought was a bit small compared to her siblings, and after discussing what rabbits we had gave me a blue mini rex buck also free.  :lol:   I didn’t get the buck posed the greatest but he’s a really nice little rabbit.  A bit narrow in the shoulders and would have preferred he had his dad’s ears but then I would have just preferred to just have his dad.  That was a very nice mini rex.  Like a little round melon with a square head and tiny ears.  I’ll be happy if we start producing rabbits half as good as that.

Miyuki-6month old bred doe

Neyuki-4month old doe

Ashige-6 month buck

Off to look at more Champagne and Creme d’argent Sunday.

5 days old now

Amako’s kits are 5 days old.  Twix is due the 13th and now we have Miyuki, a champagne d’argent, due on the 31st.  Lots of little ones coming in the next month hopefully.