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demon rabbit escapes

Yukiko has been renamed Demon rabbit.  Doesn’t it look so sweet…

So I thought when I got her at 6 weeks old.  Then she hit puberty and turned in to demon rabbit.  It started with pawing and grunting when you tried to fill her feeder and despite attempts at both positive and aversive training rapidly progressed to drawing blood.

Today as I was getting ready for class I looked out the window to the porch to check the rabbits real quick like usual.  The cage sitting apart from the others (for good reason) was empty.  Now you’d think the biggest issue with the escape of an insane rabbit is the potential to never get near it again as it makes it’s way off to the nearby wildlife preserve.  If you do think that then you don’t know demon rabbit….

I rushed out the door, barefoot and wearing shorts since it decided to get warm again probably for the last time before winter, hoping that she had just gotten loose and could still be spotted.  I was immediately attacked from the side.  This is where the comment about barefoot and in shorts comes in.  I grabbed the nearby broom and whacked the squealing ball of fur with as much self control as possible in such a situation.  As she gathered to lunge again I shove the broom down between us and she proceeded to “kill” the broom while I carefully circled around toward an old towel I’d left out there.  I waited for a pause in the attack (it was a long wait) and quickly replaced the broom with the towel.  I shook it to get her to attack the end and when she gave a good lunge dropped it over her.  With some concern for personal safety I scooped up the screeching towel, dumped it in the cage, and grabbed a clip off the closest homemade cage to secure the door better before demon rabbit could recover her bearings and get out from under the towel.

Now I have to go put on heavy gloves (she manages to cause injuries through the thinner leather gloves) and recover the towel I let her keep today.  I’m sure glad she’s only a mini rex or I’d probably have more than just a few light scratches.  There’s one plan left to attempt to get through to Demon rabbit and if that doesn’t work her potential lifespan is going to get much shorter.


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4 Responses to “demon rabbit escapes”

  1. Miss M says:

    Whoa! Yikes… I hope I never have a rabbit go “Here’s Johnny” on me like that!

  2. ladysown says:

    so at four months of age she is that dominate of a doe? I’d seriously reconsider keeping a rabbit like that. Certainly don’t want her passing that bad behaviour on to her children.

  3. akane says:

    She’s actually a month younger than I thought so she just turned 4 months old today. At least 1 preferably 2 or more months to wait before she is old enough to be bred.

  4. ladysown says:

    get that doe bred! oh my…you made both me and hubby laugh out loud…. :)

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