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Archive for August, 2010

Impatient for kits

Amako turned 6months and I was going to wait another week and a half until Twix gave birth before breeding her but since Twix may be having a false pregnancy I got impatient to see my first kits this fall.  I took pics of them all today and decided since we’re home all day to play musical cages so Amako and Mocha could be put together in the 4×2′ cage instead of in the 2×2′ cage Mocha is usually in.  It also helped distract Mocha since he knows his job and mounted Twix about 2 dozen times in a couple hours before I separated them.  I knew Amako would not stand for that.

It worked out pretty well.  Mocha sniffed where Yuki and Aki who normally share that cage had peed, checked out the hayloft, spent lots of time on his hind legs stretching as high as possible since he’s only used to being in short cages, and occasionally turned his attention to Amako.  She ran around avoiding him and not knowing what was going on but did lift for him eventually.  I left them until Amako was thumping and trying her best to hide from him and then put her in Mocha’s usual cage.  I’m going to put them back together later tonight and maybe tomorrow morning to be sure.  Then we play musical cages again to get everyone back where they usually are.

Mocha’s behavior makes me want to get moving on the new cages even more so he can always have plenty of height and enough length he doesn’t cover the entire thing when he lays down.  I also wouldn’t have to shift everyone around then.

Getting started

Now my rabbitry has a name even if no one will be able to pronounce it.  I always find that amusing considering the Japanese language has very easy pronunciation but no one can even say either of my dogs’ names.  Haruko and Azami should not be that difficult.  They are only 3 syllables but english speakers can’t seem to say ah instead of uh for A sounds.

Anyway back to rabbits…..

I have my little herd started up with 3 mini rex does and 2 mini rex bucks.  The very first rabbit was a broken castor doe, Amako, that my husband bought me and while she may not be show quality I think she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever had (maybe next to baby guinea pigs).  After some debate about breeding mixes I decided to just get more mini rex.

I got a really nice breeding pair of chocolates from Liz Mortland at Wonderland Rabbitry.  Twix is due for our first litter Sept 9th.  It should be mostly chocolates but there is a chance for Himi or REW.  I’m hoping they are carrying himi.  Even if they don’t make good himalayans I find the color interesting.  I really dislike rew for a variety of reasons I won’t go in to.

I also got a pair of pedigreed siblings from a woman in central Iowa.  A broken castor buck, Aki, and a broken blue doe, Yukiko.  They aren’t nearly as nice as the chocolates.  I haven’t looked the doe over in complete detail but I practiced setting up rabbits for show on the buck.  He’s a little long in the shoulder and they both have rather long ears at exactly 3 1/2″.  Once he gets a little older I’m crossing him with Amako.  For now I think I’m going to breed her to the chocolate buck, Mocha.  It just seems an experienced buck would have better luck at getting a doe pregnant for the first time and I’d like to see what the result is.

That’s the start of my rabbitry.  Future plans involve conversion of a chicken coop or 2 and some chinchilla rabbits whenever I manage to find a breeder I can reach.