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Why J&J’s Rabbitry?

When I decided to start raising rabbits, I originally didn’t have the financial means to start it on my own. I did odd jobs around the neighborhood, but I didn’t have enough to buy the rabbits and build the hutches. My brother had wanted to start 4-H so I swayed him in the way of rabbits and we opened our rabbitry together.

Now, my brother is quite a perfectionist. Once we were up and moving and trying to sell our rabbit offspring, I wanted to make business cards. But we didn’t have a name. I tried Juniper Rabbitry and Jumping Juniper Rabbitry, but he didn’t like those names, although I felt it appropriate because without our trusty juniper bush we wouldn’t have been able to keep rabbits away from public eye and houses (which proved a necessity according to our township rules on having multiple stand-alone “buildings” or hutches).

Finally, the simplest answer proved to be the best one. We both agreed to simply call it J&J’s Rabbitry because both our names started with J.

And that is the disappointingly anticlimactic story of our rabbitry’s name.


Post #1!

First, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to anyone reading this, as well as expand on the purpose of this blog. Although my previous attempts at a blog have failed, (usually due to my lack of muse and the fact that I started a blog with little in the way of literary skill) I am starting this blog as sort of a way to keep track of my progress and my rabbits, and also to educate everyone about rabbits. I am by no means a rabbit expert, but I do my best, and I would like to share what I do know with others, should they want to listen.

Now, a bit about me. My name is Jo. I am 13 years old and despite my age, I run my rabbitry by myself, with my own money from my own paychecks, provided by a tedious, but fun babysitting job. I am an absolute nerd in every sense of the word, specifically about animals. Since I was 8 years old I fell in love with animals, particularly horses; and with a love for books, I read every animal book I could get my hands on, fiction or non fiction.  When I finally got my first pet, the only thing my family could fit in our meager sized trailer were two guinea pigs. Purchased at 2 years old, these snuggly, noisy little creatures were my faithful companions. But when we moved to the suburbs and got a house, with almost a half acre of completely usable yard space, we sold the guinea pigs, got a dog, and explored what my brother and I had always wanted to do: 4-H.

We never even knew you could do 4-H if you were in the suburbs and unable to adequately house large animals, but a family friend informed us about rabbits, and pointed us in the right direction. The second I held my first rabbit, a small, 8 week old Dutch, it was love at first sight. However, we started all wrong. We found an ad on craigslist: “Dutch bunnies. Very cute. $10 apiece.” They weren’t pedigreed, and the people handed us two and said, “Here, I think these are girls.” Unfortunately the important thing here is that the owners were unsure of the gender. As they matured, our bunnies began to grow a little too friendly toward one another and before we knew it, the neighbors informed us that they’d caught our bunnies “in the deed”. We had no unplanned litters, but sold our unpedigreed, bad quality Dutch rabbits.

Fast forward to the present day. I’ve been breeding pedigreed, show quality rabbits for three years now. I raise Mini Lops and I am starting to raise Jersey Woolies. My rabbits haven’t won anything spectacular, but I’ve pulled Reserve Grand Champion with my Mini Lop doe, Newt. My 4-H club has become practically my second family.  I did really well in showmanship this year, winning 1st in Intermediate showmanship, I got Top Rabbit Showman, participated in Super Showmanship at my fair, and I will be representing my county as the Top Rabbit Showman at the State Show in January.

Wow, this post has gotten long. Hopefully in the future I won’t ramble so much! Coming up I plan to do some introductions of my rabbits, and some posts about rabbit care, management, buying, selling, etc., just whatever I feel like posting. I will also have Kit Watch posts up, as my doe is expecting. I look forward to seeing what this blog will bring, and I hope you will stick around to find out as well.

Thanks for reading my (way too long!) first blog post!