Stitch Fix: Pulled Me Out of The Ditch

Hello, I haven’t been on in a very ling time, but I wanted to share something with y’all. A while back I had a hard break up and kind of lost track of myself. I use to dress up everyday and do my hair and fix my make up, but since then I didn’t feel like trying. I eventually realised that not trying at all wasn’t going to help me, but I was  kind of lost on what I should do. Then I remembered something I had seen an ad for, it was called Stitch Fix. What it is is a company that is a stylist, you schedule a shipping and your stylist personally picks five outfits to send you, you fill out a profile before so that they now your height, size, what styles you like, etc. It cost $20 for them to send you the box (no shipping or handling) and that $20 goes to any items you want to keep, and if you want to keep all 5 you get a 25% discount.

I know this sounds like an ad, and yes it kind of is, but Stitch Fix did not ask me to do this. I sincerely thought that the people here on Rabbit Talk would like something like this.

My 15th Year

I am now 15 years old! I can already see the changes in how people treat me.

I dyed my hair yesterday. I love how it turned out.

My mother is giving me a lot more freedom. On Sunday I went to my friend Tzar’s (guy friend) house and she was completely okay  with it. She has never been a super strict mom but I appreciate the freedom and the responsibility that comes with it.

I just finished super cleaning the rabbit area. Sprayed it down, drenched in vinegar solution, scrubbed, then rinsed. Kiaya and Shadow now have nesting boxes in their cages. I am expecting the litters around the 8th.


left is before right is after

left is before
right is after

I’m Back from State Fair!

I’m Baaaaaack! From the Kansas State Fair! This was a great year for me. I took up Shadow, Kiaya, Imp, Rascal, and Big Louis. In fur I got 3 reds (not  bad with two molting and one growing back from a litter) and for over all they all got blues! i was very happy with this. Blue is very good for State, and since I had to go quinca shopping on the judging day I wasn’t there to brush them out.

I am an avid showmanshipper (I don’t know what it’s really called) and have been doing it since I was 10. This year I got Champion in my age group. I had almost all perfect scores. I believe my score was 130/160. I was in the 13 and 14 year old group since my birthday isn’t until 9-25.

Last year I tried my hand at judging and was surprised to find out that I won Champion. This year I did it again and was rejoiced to win Champion again. The Mini Rexes where really hard.

I also do Breed ID, but the awarding for that doesn’t make sense.

I bought a new rabbit too! She is a jr Opal Mini Rex doe. I decided to name her Truffles and she is the sweetest thing.

Anyone who was there on Sunday probably noticed the rain. It was like a lake in about an hour’s time.


The Fairground Parking lot

Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Well today was uneventful, yet pleasant. Nothing really happened at school. Met a cute boy, hung out with my friends.

After school my mother picked me up and we drove around doing errands. When  we past the park  I saw that the farmer’s market was going on. We decided to stop and take a look. We ended up buying green peppers, cucumbers, jelly, fudge, and a turnip. I also asked about selling rabbits at the farmers market. They said we can’t sell rabbits there, but we can place orders for rabbits. So I might do that when my church starts selling jam.

Tomorrow my rabbits are off to the fair. I have carriers and dishes ready to go. I hope they don’t get too stressed. I am giving them veggies, and GI tabs along side their usual hay.

Might have found someone interested in a rabbit, but we will have to see what the parental unit says. Fingers crossed.

Must go share the love, chio.


Hiya! School was soooo boring today. I slept in 2nd hour hehe. People kept asking me, “Why are you wearing a skirt?” and I would reply that 1. I have no clean pants, and 2. I do what I want. I missed a lot last week but it’s okay I am mostly caught up.

All my fuzzies got their nails trimmed. The little ones sure needed it. Imp and Gunther have their little boys now ;). Some of them are heading to State fair on Wednesday. I can’t wait. I was going to go Saturday and Sunday, but because I am a maid of honor in my friend s quincinera I have to skip Saturday to go to the dress fitting.

That’s about all. Bye-bye lovelies.

Saturday is Supposed to be Lazy?

Howdy! Well today has been rather busy. First off I went to my grandmother’s funeral. It was sad but I tried not to be emotional. It was nice to see people from my dad’s side of the family.

I bred Kiaya today, and Shadow was bred yesterday. Fingers crossed for more than just Black Otters. It’s a pretty color but I have a lot now.

State Fair next weekend. I have five going up. Of course my best Jersey Wooly is now molting, but the second best is looking fabulous. Her white fur is actually white, which is great compared to others I have seen. Big Louis’ new coat is in and he looks very nice. He is a big fat boy now. I am hoping Imp filled out a bit, He was a little narrow on the hips, but his sister , Rascal, was fine.

Hoping to find THE french lop does at the fair. Or at least someone to buy from.

I have to get crackin’ on the pens. I have it mostly figured out now my father and I just need to work on it.Rascal4

Hello world!

Hiya! My name is Julia. I am 15 years old, and was born and raised in Kansas. I have had rabbits since I was 10 years old. I started with Holland Lops, then Mini Satins, I dabbled in Himalayan, and now I have found my two heart breeds, French Lops and Jersey Woolies.

I have nine rabbits right now. Willow (chestnut, JW), Shadow (Siamese Sable, JW), Kiaya (REW, JW), Rascal (Black Otter, JW), Imp (Black Otter, JW), Gunther (Grey, JW), Ranon (chestnut, JW), Mims (Black Otter, JW) and Big Louis (Blue Chinchilla, FL).

I breed my Jersey Woolies for  shows and sales. I am just starting out with the French Lops, but I plan to breed them for shows and meat.

I am also on Rabbits Online (same username). It’s nice there but I really like how organized and versatile Rabbit Talk is.

I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you. Au revoir! biglouisoutside4 Guntherhome impuncoventional kiayaongroomingtable mims3 ranonunconventional rascal3 Shadowongroomingtableposin willowonfirstwalk