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Oct 26

Rainbow had 7 black kits last night!  She didn’t make me wait to long.  I went to a class and when I got home we had kits.  They all look good so far and she has them covered well.

warm and dry

Last night I only check to make sure there were no dead ones.  Today I got to inspect a little more.

 Everyone looks fed and and in good condition.  One has a little white dot on its head.

They are such a cute little pig pile on kits!  Now it’s on to the 2 week wait for eyes to open!

Oct 25

Any minute now…….

Hanna’s kits have opened their eyes and they are sooooo cute!

Still waiting…….

Rainbow has decided to have me wait a little longer before I can see what shes got.

Oct 20

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  In just a few short days we should have some eyes to look back at us.  The little guys are just so cute at this time.  They have started spreading out in the nest box a little more.  It has been getting into the 70′s during the day so I don’t blame them.  I just tend to worry about them getting out.  It won’t be so bad when the can at least see to get back in.

So,  if all goes well in less than a week we will have a few more wigglers to peak at.  Rainbow has been very mellow lately.  She isn’t eating like I “think” she should but she is not skinny and seams to be in good condition.  I keep offering her goodies but she doesn’t  care.  Not that she ever did! 

Hanna had hers on day 32, I think Rainbow might go in the other direction and have hers on day 30.  I have no real reason for this it is just a feeling.  I just hope everyone comes out okay and healthy.

Oct 19 one week old!

They have all made it to one week and all have more than doubled their weight in the process.

They are so sweet.  I can hardly wait till they open their eyes.  The little blue one is such a little fatty.  Mom must be able to see himm better when she hops in to feed.LOL

Actually they are all very close in weight.  Hanna has calmed down a bit more, but she still wants an offering before I can pet her.  Don’t get me wrong she still growls a bit.  She lets me rub and pet her all over she just needs to grump about it first.

Rainbow is just Rainbow.  With a week left before she kindles she is just a mellow bunny.  She has her nest made and just likes to laze around on her shelf while she waits.  She is big on eating her hay and fresh goodies but could care less about her pellets.  She eats enough but is no where the piglet Hanna is.

Stormy is just Stormy.  He really doesnt do much for me.   Actually he does do something, he makes me nervous.   He still has a few sneezes here and there and I don’t like it.  My girls don’t do that.  I hope for a ” Real something buck”  out of one of these two litters.  I will breed Stormy to both Hanna and Rainbow and see what I get out of them as well.  Six months seems like such a long time to raise up another buck.

Oct 15…

All is well with the new kits.  Hanna is being such a great mom.  She uncovers them during the day and tucks them in every night.

Rainbow on the other hand has been going nuts.  She is about 21days into this pregnancy and whenever I feed or give hay she goes crazy.  She runs around gather up hay and digging all over.  It has turned into a huge waste of food.  So….

Today I gave in and gave her a nest box.    I’ll see how that works out for us very soon.  I was not planning on her having one for another week yet but she is driving me nuts.

I did go out and get her some more straw.  She has about 10 days to make it to her liking.

Oct 14th

Another cold night with daytime temps getting into the 70′s.  Very nice!  The little guys all seem to be doing well.  I only reached in the nest and felt them up a little and from what I felt they were warm and rounded.  I will check them better this afternoon after the weather warms up a little more. 

I’m very excited as a friend who stopped by yesterday palpated Rainbow for me and this time we both felt something.  I feel very confident Rainbow will have kits this month as well.  I’ve got another week before I stick in her nest box but I am noticing her behavior is changing.

I am also going to keep the blue kit.  If its a doe fantastic, if its a buck it might just become Stormy the 2nd.  I have never been happy with Stormys health or growth.  I do want to keep him for at least one breeding so I can check for sizes of kits, growth and health.  It is not an easy decision for me as he and Rainbow were bought to be a pure and unrelated Californian pair.  My rabbits are for meat and personal enjoyment and not for show so it should not matter who I keep but it still saddens me not to keep him.  They important things at this time are health and growth.  I just need to keep repeating that.  I also need to keep in mind that any kit I keep now will not be ready for production until April.

SO … If Stormy is used in Dec…  Maybe again in March with the back up of the young buck…….   At this point I need to stop counting rabbits before they kindle.

Oct 13th

I just love little bunnies!  Such strong little squirmy things who just know to fight for life.  I brought them in and weighed them and gave them a good once over.

They weigh between 53 grams and 79 grams.  All of them have nice full bellies and seem strong.  Two have white lines on their heads and one looks like he has just a small white dot.  3 are solid black and one is blue.    Hanna has normally has 8 or 9 but since I got her about two weeks into a breeding and with all of the 100 plus weather we had this summer I am very happy with 7.

One day down 55 days to go just to get them to 8 weeks! 

I still have hope for rainbow.  I hope to find out today for sure if she is pregnant or not.

Oct 12 part 2

This is what I found when I got home today!

When I opened it up I counted 7 sweet little squirmy kits.

See the little stripe?

Here is one that shows the lighter one as well.

Lighter one over little stripe

I have a couple more….

And the last one.  I am going to restrain myself and not look at them again until tomorrow.

I wonder what sexes they are? So I can keep one!

OCT 12 kits

Happy dance, happy dance.  We have baby bunnies!!!

After what seems like a very long wait kits have arrived!  I’ll have an update soon on the number but as of right now mother and kits are doing well.  They didn’t come until after 9:30 this morning.  They are all snug up in a thick fur lined nest. 

I was beginning to wonder as early this morning all she wanted to do was eat.  (and grump at me)!

OCT 11th

Due day for Miss Hanna the Grumpy Gus!  I figure they come this evening as the nest is empty at the moment.  I was very excited to check this morning.  It was raining of course. 

She made a wonderful nest after cleaning it out every time I would fill it up.  First time with hay and a cardboard liner.  The next time with softer hay and no liner.  The last time I put in straw.  She then gathered up her own hay and mixed it in.  Now she only needs to line it with fur.  It is my understanding that she normally does this after she kindles which to me would make more sense and cleaner kits.

I have palpated Rainbow again and I think I feel kits but I really do not know.  I have a friend coming over Wednesday with a buck.  She is going to palpate Rainbow and if she finds no kits we will re breed her.  I can’t wait for Stormy to hurry up and grow.  At least this way I will have another unrelated doe for him down the road.

We did get our roof up and the back of the cages winterized.  We are still having fantastic weather but I know it could change literally overnight.  Last year at this time it snowed, and didn’t warm back up till spring.  (Or so I’ve been told)  It is hard to believe it was 89 degrees 2 days ago.  Today it’s only in the 60′s but it is cloudy and was raining this morning.  It is suposed to be in the mid 70′s for the next week, with lows in the upper 40′s at night.  I think that should be nice for the new arrivals.

I will admit I still have that what if no kits are born thing running around in my mind.  It was just a bad experience when Rainbows due date came and went.  At least Hanna is plump and has built a nest!