Waiting, waiting, waiting.  In just a few short days we should have some eyes to look back at us.  The little guys are just so cute at this time.  They have started spreading out in the nest box a little more.  It has been getting into the 70′s during the day so I don’t blame them.  I just tend to worry about them getting out.  It won’t be so bad when the can at least see to get back in.

So,  if all goes well in less than a week we will have a few more wigglers to peak at.  Rainbow has been very mellow lately.  She isn’t eating like I “think” she should but she is not skinny and seams to be in good condition.  I keep offering her goodies but she doesn’t  care.  Not that she ever did! 

Hanna had hers on day 32, I think Rainbow might go in the other direction and have hers on day 30.  I have no real reason for this it is just a feeling.  I just hope everyone comes out okay and healthy.