They have all made it to one week and all have more than doubled their weight in the process.

They are so sweet.  I can hardly wait till they open their eyes.  The little blue one is such a little fatty.  Mom must be able to see himm better when she hops in to feed.LOL

Actually they are all very close in weight.  Hanna has calmed down a bit more, but she still wants an offering before I can pet her.  Don’t get me wrong she still growls a bit.  She lets me rub and pet her all over she just needs to grump about it first.

Rainbow is just Rainbow.  With a week left before she kindles she is just a mellow bunny.  She has her nest made and just likes to laze around on her shelf while she waits.  She is big on eating her hay and fresh goodies but could care less about her pellets.  She eats enough but is no where the piglet Hanna is.

Stormy is just Stormy.  He really doesnt do much for me.   Actually he does do something, he makes me nervous.   He still has a few sneezes here and there and I don’t like it.  My girls don’t do that.  I hope for a ” Real something buck”  out of one of these two litters.  I will breed Stormy to both Hanna and Rainbow and see what I get out of them as well.  Six months seems like such a long time to raise up another buck.