Another cold night with daytime temps getting into the 70′s.  Very nice!  The little guys all seem to be doing well.  I only reached in the nest and felt them up a little and from what I felt they were warm and rounded.  I will check them better this afternoon after the weather warms up a little more. 

I’m very excited as a friend who stopped by yesterday palpated Rainbow for me and this time we both felt something.  I feel very confident Rainbow will have kits this month as well.  I’ve got another week before I stick in her nest box but I am noticing her behavior is changing.

I am also going to keep the blue kit.  If its a doe fantastic, if its a buck it might just become Stormy the 2nd.  I have never been happy with Stormys health or growth.  I do want to keep him for at least one breeding so I can check for sizes of kits, growth and health.  It is not an easy decision for me as he and Rainbow were bought to be a pure and unrelated Californian pair.  My rabbits are for meat and personal enjoyment and not for show so it should not matter who I keep but it still saddens me not to keep him.  They important things at this time are health and growth.  I just need to keep repeating that.  I also need to keep in mind that any kit I keep now will not be ready for production until April.

SO … If Stormy is used in Dec…  Maybe again in March with the back up of the young buck…….   At this point I need to stop counting rabbits before they kindle.