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Oct 12 part 2

This is what I found when I got home today!

When I opened it up I counted 7 sweet little squirmy kits.

See the little stripe?

Here is one that shows the lighter one as well.

Lighter one over little stripe

I have a couple more….

And the last one.  I am going to restrain myself and not look at them again until tomorrow.

I wonder what sexes they are? So I can keep one!

OCT 12 kits

Happy dance, happy dance.  We have baby bunnies!!!

After what seems like a very long wait kits have arrived!  I’ll have an update soon on the number but as of right now mother and kits are doing well.  They didn’t come until after 9:30 this morning.  They are all snug up in a thick fur lined nest. 

I was beginning to wonder as early this morning all she wanted to do was eat.  (and grump at me)!