Due day for Miss Hanna the Grumpy Gus!  I figure they come this evening as the nest is empty at the moment.  I was very excited to check this morning.  It was raining of course. 

She made a wonderful nest after cleaning it out every time I would fill it up.  First time with hay and a cardboard liner.  The next time with softer hay and no liner.  The last time I put in straw.  She then gathered up her own hay and mixed it in.  Now she only needs to line it with fur.  It is my understanding that she normally does this after she kindles which to me would make more sense and cleaner kits.

I have palpated Rainbow again and I think I feel kits but I really do not know.  I have a friend coming over Wednesday with a buck.  She is going to palpate Rainbow and if she finds no kits we will re breed her.  I can’t wait for Stormy to hurry up and grow.  At least this way I will have another unrelated doe for him down the road.

We did get our roof up and the back of the cages winterized.  We are still having fantastic weather but I know it could change literally overnight.  Last year at this time it snowed, and didn’t warm back up till spring.  (Or so I’ve been told)  It is hard to believe it was 89 degrees 2 days ago.  Today it’s only in the 60′s but it is cloudy and was raining this morning.  It is suposed to be in the mid 70′s for the next week, with lows in the upper 40′s at night.  I think that should be nice for the new arrivals.

I will admit I still have that what if no kits are born thing running around in my mind.  It was just a bad experience when Rainbows due date came and went.  At least Hanna is plump and has built a nest!