They are staying out!  We went out today to shop for some stuff to winterize the rabbits.  My husband put together some fantastic plywood nest boxes that will also work as sleep boxes if the rabbits choose to use them.  I also bought some 4 mil plastic to hang all around so wind won’t blow through the fence.  (I’ve already stapled that up).  Hubby still has to build me one more section of roof as I intend on adding two more 30X36 cages.  One just for grow out and one for another doe (Sunny).  The whole thing will be wrapped in plastic from roof to ground with all the seams taped.  The front will be open when the weather is not rainy/snowy/windy.  Each cage will have its own plywood roof as well, I will keep hay on that for easy storage and insulation.   

I’m still working on water systems, but I should have that figured out soon.  I have extra water bottles but it is the nipples that freeze quickly not the bottle.  I might try crocks but I’m worried about the little ones getting wet.

Friday Hanna gets her nest box!  She is such a nice big rabbit I am very excited to see her kits.  My neighbor came by to visit and couldn’t get over how soft she is.  Her biggest downfall as far as I’m concerned is that she just seems to potty wherever she pleases.  My other two have nice potty corner manners.  That might make a big difference on whose litter I chose to keep a doe from. ” If all goes well”, SUNNY will be chosen on Christmas!  (Or at least by New year’s day)  Wow that seems so far away but it really isn’t.  Time sure does fly.