I am very excited about this month as I hope to have two litters due.  Hanna is due first on the 11th and Rainbow will be due a few weeks later on the 25th, as long as all goes well.  I might be keeping a doe out of one of these litters to hold back as a third breeding doe.  Either litter will be unrelated to my buck.  I know this really doesn’t matter but it keeps my husband happy.  I won’t have a problem breeding Stormy back to one on his daughters in the future as I keep telling my husband they are for meat and  if everyone is healthy I would rather have a closed herd than risk bringing in outside blood.  That could change, but for now I just want to get my first litters in the world and get them growing.

Hanna looks very pregnant.  She has a nice large belly and likes to lay down on her side so she can show it off, and she still has 10 days to go.  I wonder what Rainbow will look like.  I still have a few more days to find out if her breeding even took. 

The weather has been great and I hope it stays that way as long as it can!  I will be moving everyone into the garage this winter and I would like to make as short a stay inside as possible.