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one of my beefs with rabbit people is the calling of various behaviours as being aggressive. In this day of political correctness and needing to be accurate with language this one bothers me… much as culling can mean a WHOLE host of things some with negative overtones. Is the bunny aggressive OR is there other […]

Did you know there are as many different ways to raise rabbits as there are rabbit raisers? What works for you might not work for me.  What works for you might not work for you current herd of rabbits either. SO… how does one get their current herd of rabbits to meet their expectations? Breed […]

Since I’m teaching a class of homeschoolers about bunnies, I figure I may as well put some of what I’m doing here. So far I’ve talked with them about different bunny sports: rabbit hopping/agility, and showing rabbits. I’ve talked with them about the different types of rabbits, different foods rabbits can eat, and shown them […]

Did you know that some decisions are easy to make when looking at culling a herd. I’m allowed 20 rabbits in my location.  I take that as breeders. So that means I HAVE TO regularly cull my herd.  In this instance culling means kill or sell. I have a policy of NOT selling animals that […]

Rabbits can be totally delighted creatures. BUT hormones can play nasty tricks on them. Youngsters growing up can go through a teenage stage where they are grumpy, moody and just plain a pain to be around.  Usually last for 2-3 weeks so it’s endurable, but wow… sometimes you just want to ship them out.   […]