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The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates I thought this an interesting article on how PETA works to further their agenda on not owning pets. I was more than a little surprised to find that there is an active campaign being pursued to ban the use of kennel crates for dogs. This has resulted […]

FDA announcement here: To expand a bit: ‘Labeled use’ is the use printed on the factory label. When the ivormectin says “for use in cattle for the treatment of (lists species of parasites) at a IM dose of X ml per 10 lbs, not for use in lactating dairy cattle, stop use X days […]

I have to admit.. I do like this.  :)    A fellow is working with children to keep them out of the gang life.  He’s using gardens to help.   WOODLAKE — When Manuel Jimenez first set eyes on the land below a levee, thick with brush and weeds, the one-time field worker envisioned a […]

Amherst Family. (I’ve pulled quotes from this article) AMHERST – Eating rabbit meat, raised in her backyard on West Pomeroy Lane, is one way Michelle Chandler has found to pursue her independence. … “I feel strongly that Amherst will be better served by being able to feed itself,” said Chandler. “People are always going to […]

found here.   excerpts below Rabbit meat is delicious. I wish I didn’t know that. Rabbits bond for life. For most, instinct drives them to seek out another creature – usually one of their own kind, but it’s been known to encompass cats, guinea pigs, dogs or even birds. They’ll groom, cuddle and grieve palpably […]

Mobile slaughter trailers may blaze new path for meat processing Livestock are routinely trucked to slaughter plants. Now, agricultural leaders are looking into another option: mobile slaughter trailers traveling to the livestock. The idea has people talking around the country. “At the National State Departments of Agriculture Convention recently, this topic came up more than […]

Radioactive rabbit trapped near Richland. A radioactive rabbit caught at Hanford just north of Richland had Washington State Department of Health workers looking for contaminated droppings Thursday. Contaminated animals occasionally are found at the nuclear reservation, but more often they are in the center of Hanford, far from town. The rabbit trapped at the 300 […]