1. post a list of what you do daily.    Feed, water, clean etc.  Have name tags for your animals.

2. if living in an Animal rights dominated area.. DO NOT TALK about your livestock.  Simply make it a point to not talk about them.

3. keep your livestock clean.

4. know the law, stick within it.  Seriously.. saves you a whole heap of grief if you do this.

5. stay on friendly terms with your neighbours if you can.

6. if the law is against you… MOVE!   Seriously folks, I hear about some the locales that people are in and how they skirt the laws and it’s like I just want to scream at them.. “MOVE”.  Tell people loudly about WHY you are moving and taking your legitimate business elsewhere.    Some areas are punitive to folks and very nanny state-ish.. and it’s like just get up and move somewhere less dangerous to you and yours.

7. be nice, be courteous, be respectful.

8. Don’t let people on to your property if threatened.   So if served with a warrant, keep them out on your porch.  Close the door.  Don’t let them in.   Call a lawyer.

9.  If selling pet stock be alert.  Don’t let people into your animal habitat if you have any concern about them.   Site animal husbandry issues if you must.

Anyone else have ideas that should be added to this list?