There’s been a story on the rabbit boards lately about a fellow who had his rabbits stolen, and then returned with the hold out of one rabbit named Roger.

Well it seems the person holding on to Roger fell in love with him immediately and didn’t want him returned for fear of what might happen to him.   But they were able to work things out and thusly Roger was returned home.

Now theft is theft.   And the folks who stole the rabbits should be punished for it EVEN THOUGH they returned them.    The lady holding on to Roger should have returned him immediately once she knew he was stolen property.. but animals being animals she got attached and therefore tried to purchase him (which would be an understandable action).

Me personally… someone steals my rabbit I’d get my back up…but if they offered me good money for him it’s be like okay…He’s ALL YOURS.     But that’s me, and my breeding program hasn’t quite gotten to where I want it be yet so it’s not the end of the world for me if a rabbit is sold.

I DON”T like theft.  I do not like people thinking that because they are “animal liberators” or “animal rights” or “animal rescue” types that it is OKAY to steal.  It is NOT okay to steal regardless of how you coach it.

But the query is: how does one who breeds livestock and sells it or eats it deal with animal rights folks.

1. Know if how you keep your animals is in keeping with standard cares of practice for your species.

2. Do you treat your animals well?   Do other folks know you treat them well?

3. Do you know your rights when it comes to keeping animals where you are?   Do you skirt the law?

4. Do you treat your opponents with respect and care?   Do you mind your  language and your thoughts (as your thoughts will colour how you write)?

5. Know your stuff.

  • If you breed for show.. WHY do you do so?   What’s the point?   What do you do with your overstock, or the less than appropriate animals?
  •  If you breed for the pet market can you show that there really is no over pet population for your species of animal?     What do you do with those that don’t sell?   Do you have a return policy?
  • If you breed for consumption WHY?   Can you show the benefits of eating your own food?   Do you know the studies involved it?   If breeding for animal consumption do you know what may or may not affect the animals you are feeding?
There are folks,  a MYRIAD of differing opinions out there.    Some based on fact, and some well,… not so much.  But they are opinions none-the-less.
If you know your animal that you breed and you know your reasons for doing what you do it goes a long way.   If you treat people respectfully, that too goes a long way in getting both sides of an issue to simply listen to each other.