… cause me to want to cry.

Young doe.
Lovely young doe.
i’ve been trying for a good half year to get kits off her.
I give young does four kicks at the can.   This means a pass for the first litter, and then three chances for successful litters just like my main herd.      I am thinking of revising this though and going to two chances before removal from herd.

Anyways, this young has had dead kits, stuck kit, no litter, and stuck kit.

Today I removed the stuck kit and since she was rather big in the belly thought perhaps there might be a kit within.   So I killed her to see if I could save a kit.    I so wanted to a kit off this doe.   No kit.

Just the one small stuck kit.   This kit should NOT have been an issue for her to deliver but apparently she was not the type of rabbit to successfully bear young.

Betty was not a doe who would have made for an excellent pet, – she was a very shy, reclusive type doe – so she would have be culled ultimately afterwards.   So the death is not an issue.

BUT I so dislike this.   I hate it deep within.   I do not like causing animals pain.  I dislike hearing them cry because of a stuck kit.    These types of things make me want to throw in the towel.

Ultimately though I breed for health and vigor in my herd.

Difficult decisions mean that in the long run.. my herd will be the better and I won’t have to deal with this again (I hope).

So my heart can weep, but my herd will be stronger.