A LOT of changes…

We no longer have our Dutch rabbits. Upon finding we didn’t exactly like the breed, we were doing a lot of things wrong, and that they were male and female, we decided to sell them and start over. Denali went to a Special Needs classroom where he would get endless attention from adoring young fans. Willow went to a very nice family to be a little girl’s pet.

We joined a local 4-H club and I got Gieser’s Lucky in Love aka Lovey, a blue Silver Fox doe, and Gieser’s Soft Fall aka Softfall, a black Silver Fox buck. My brother got a Polish buck named S’Doribook’s Butterfly aka Picasso.

Now, a year has passed since we got the Dutch rabbits. Our herd is pretty much established, and I have 9 10 day old Silver Fox babies who are scampering around out of the nestbox. My brother purchased a black Polish doe, Serapic’s Hamworthy aka Hammie, who is bred to a buck with 7 legs and several BOB wins.

We are doing well in 4-H, however I have found that I is difficult for me to use Softfall for showmanship in 4-H, as he is too big. So I have to figure out whether I am going to be able to get a smaller rabbit for showmanship or if I have to just deal with a large rabbit.

I will try to keep you all updated and maybe later post more about our individual rabbits, why we raise rabbits, what we raise them for etc. but it’s getting late.

Have a wonderful night!