Introducing … me, us, we?

My husband and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to what we are trying to do with our “homestead”.  Although his ideas are on a much “grander” scale than mine!  I believe in keeping it small and simple!  :)


We live in rural America on 3 acres of land.  Unfortunately it’s all slopes, angles, ditches and rocks!  Oh, there are trees and undergrowth and a wee tiny bit of something that resembles grass.  Let’s just say, if I was wanting a rock garden I would be a raging success!


We are attempting to become more self-reliant and it seems we’re doing something right!  Maybe?  I hope we are anyway!  :P


Currently we have 13 laying hens, 1 rooster, 20 two and a half week old chicks, 6 baby doe rabbits and 10 baby buck rabbits (all between 6 & 8 weeks).  Eventually I’d like to have a couple small goats, I’m looking at Nigerian Dwarf goats, since they’re small enough that I would be able to handle them, they eat less feed & produce a nice rich milk.


Our garden … well … last year (2012) was my first year trying and I wasn’t all that successful!  The drought was a struggle to deal with and since I’m new to gardening I made quite a few mistakes, but I’m learning!  Hopefully this year will be better!