Fodder feeding Chickens


A 50# bag of game bird feed costs $15.00 at our local feed store.  I have adult chickens and 21 chicks that we are feeding currently but our adult hens free range most of the day so their feed costs are fairly small at this time.  However, the chicks go through approximately 4#’s of feed per day.

I know the amount they eat will increase as they grow so I’m going to use the following as my “estimate” of how much they will go through over the next 9 weeks.  I don’t have enough fodder yet to give them full rations, therefore I will be giving them “some” fodder each day over the next two weeks, slowly working them up to a full tray @ 6#’s.  At that time they will remain on a total daily feeding of 6#’s per day.

They will be getting pellets + fodder during this time so their pellet consumption should actually go down.  However we will assume that they will continue to consume 4#’s of pellets over the next 14 days.  After that the next 49 days will see them reach 16 weeks of age.


  • 50# of feed @ $15.00 per bag = $0.30 per pound
  • 4#’s of feed per day @ $0.30 = $1.20 per day
  • $1.20 per day for 14 days = $16.80


  • 45#’s of seed @ $22.00 per bucket = $0.488888 per pound of seed
  • 1# of seed = 6#’s of fodder = $0.488888 per day
  • $0.488888 per day for 49 days = $23.95

Total to get them to 16 weeks (fryer age) using pellets + fodder – $40.75

Now assume we use pellets only using the same weights (i.e. 6#’s for the last 49 days) that would equal $58.80 + $16.80 for a total of $75.60.

That is a savings of $34.85.  Nothing to sneeze at for certain sure!

Now, let us take this all one tiny step further.  Let’s assume when we dress out these 21 chickens at 16 weeks of age that they average 3# each.  I picked this weight because this document states ….

Traditional fryer age range was from 14 to 20 weeks, and carcass weight from 2 1/2 to 4 lbs.


That would give us 63 #’s of chicken.

Pellets + Fodder would equal a cost of ($40.75 divided by 63#’s) $0.65 per pound.

Pellets alone would equal a cost of ($75.60 divided by 63#’s) $1.20 per pound.

What would you rather pay?

Okay, so yes, we did already feed the chickens pellets for 5 weeks.  So if we add that into the mix it’ll add approximately $42.00 that we’ve invested already.  So … Pellets + Fodder would be a cost of ($40.75 + $42.00 divided by 63 #’s) $1.31 per pound and Pellets alone would be a cost of ($75.60 + $42.00 divided by 63 #’s) $1.86 per pound.

Still, I’d rather pay $1.31 per pound for chicken I grew myself!  :)