Fodder Feeding

Apparently feeding your animals fodder instead of pellets can save alot of money.  I’m all for saving money!

I’ve done a bunch of research around the internet with regards to feeding fodder to rabbits, goats, llama’s, chickens and other animals.  As a result of this research I’ve decided to begin “fodder trials” for the animals I currently have.

Here are some basics about what I’ve learned.

  • 1# of seed (wheat, barley, oats, etc.) can be grown into approximately 6+ #’s of fodder
  • 1# of seed can be grown in one “tray”
  • 6#’s of fodder can be grown in approximately 6-7 days!
  • Grow it in a relatively “clean” environment
  • Rinse multiple times a day with clean water
  • It likes temperatures between 60 – 70 degrees fahrenheit