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Things are slowly improving.

DH’s surgery went well and his recovery is progressing.  We will know on June 21, 2013 if he will be allowed to drive a truck anymore.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

The garden is doing pretty good and the rabbits have all been bred.  I’m hoping that we have little kits in a few more weeks!  The way things have been going for us in the past few years, and especially in the last 6 months, are really amazing.  I know that the hosting “forum” for this blog is a rabbit forum, but I must digress from that for a few paragraphs to say this …..

Prepping saved us.

I’d really not call myself a “prepper”.  To be honest, I’m just someone who is concerned about the future on many levels and decided to take steps to cover a few bases.  One of the main things I’ve done is to learn to can my own foods.  I’ve also purchased things “in bulk” from places like “Sam’s Club” and the regular old grocery store (when items were on sale).  These “preps” have been what has kept us fed since the beginning of the year with a few “grocery trips” thrown in.  Relatively speaking, we’ve had to spend a minimal amount of money at the grocery store because of my mindset the past couple of years.  And while there are times we have to do without certain “luxury” items, all told, we’ve eaten fairly well.

I’ve read on the internet where “preppers” are called “selfish” and “uncaring of their neighbors”.  On the contrary.  If I am what some consider a “prepper” because I’ve prepared, I’d venture to say that my behavior has benefited my neighbors and been extremely “un-selfish” as we haven’t had to look to charity’s or welfare to make it through this period.

Anyway … end of prepper rant! :P

Check out my youtube channel for video’s on our little homestead!  WnCSohn’s Youtube Channel!

Progess on Hold due to DH’s Triple Bypass

Hasn’t much been happening around here.  DH had to have Triple Bypass Surgery done last week.


I’m investigating aquaponics right now, since we are now the proud owners of 5 IBC totes.  Our way of thinking is that we can garden and grow fish all at the same time.  From what I understand, growing in an aquaponics set-up produces faster plant growth and is less water intensive in the long run.  With the bonus of having fresh fish in the end to eat with our fresh veggies!


Fodder experiment has fizzled out since I had to spend so much time at the hospital with DH.  He’s much much more important to me than making sure fodder gets started every day!  :P


We still have 3 rabbits left to butcher and the hutch doors still need completed.  Once we can get those doors finished, I’ll begin breeding the remaining rabbits.


This weekend will be the weekend that the chickens we picked up in January turn 14 weeks old.  Might take a chance at “skinning” one or two of them myself this weekend.  Depends on how things are going around here.


Will update the blog when things start picking up around here again.

Another Rainy Day

There’s nothing quite like doing morning chores & feedings in the cold rain at 7:30 in the morning! LOL But it’s something that needs to be done and so we do! The rabbits, chickens & dogs don’t brook any argument when it comes to feeding time! :)

And looking at the radar it appears that the rain (for the most part) is finished for the day! YaY! Didn’t really want to spend the day cooped up inside if I don’t have to.

It’s just about time to start getting the garden beds ready for planting. Deciding what’s going to go where and figuring out if/where we are going to try and grow some forage for the rabbits and chickens this year. Hubby seems to think we’d be best trying to grow in partial shade, just in case we have the same issue we had last summer with the drought. Might not be a bad idea, but I don’t know how well things will grow in the shade. Guess we’ll just have to try it and see.

Busy day today …

The weather was so nice that hubby decided today would be a “clean up the yard” type day.  He’s been out raking up/burning leaves and cutting down small trees around the property.


Oh, and my son finished up the final touch on the run for the chicks.  They’re loving their new space!


And yesterday was weigh day for the rabbits.  On average they’ve gained about a pound each in the last two weeks.  Our heaviest buck is now 4+ lbs!  :)


Watching their progress has given me much to think about as far as who I’m going to keep and who’s going to get to visit Freezer Camp.  I’m fairly certain I know which ones I’m going to keep, but things could change between now and whenever (since that’s about another month down the line).  Although I do know for certain I’m keeping DR08.  She has cali markings but has a nice soft short plush fur that I’m going to try and get more of in the future.


Let the genetic breeding/culling begin!  Oh, wait.  She’s only 6 weeks old.  Bah, guess it’ll have to wait!  lol :)


Oh, and here is a picture of our rabbit hutch.  It’s located over our compost pile for ease of composting!  :)  Eventually we will be building a “real” rabbitry, but until then this will do.  It will also serve as our quarentine area in the future.


Not alot happening today ..

It’s been pretty cold outside so we’ve pretty much stuck indoors today! But, the rabbits & chickens are doing fine. We did find a “hidden nest” that the hens were laying in! Trying to keep them penned up a little longer in the morning so that they lay in the nest. We’ll see how that works out.

My Favorite YouTube Channels

I thought I would share some of my favorite YouTube channels!


mhpgardner – Mostly Gardening video’s.  He has a great greenhouse and does some wonderful gardening with it.


TheMrsVolfie – An absolutely amazing woman who has a 1/2 acre homestead.  She’s done everything from rabbits & chickens to goats & cows!  Amazing creativity too!


JRSKICK – This is the guy I got the idea for my rabbit hutch from.  His earlier video’s are about raising meat rabbits.  Recently he’s gotten into chickens, goats & sheep too!


These are my 3 favorites, although I’m subbed to alot more channels.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!