Things are slowly improving.

DH’s surgery went well and his recovery is progressing.  We will know on June 21, 2013 if he will be allowed to drive a truck anymore.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

The garden is doing pretty good and the rabbits have all been bred.  I’m hoping that we have little kits in a few more weeks!  The way things have been going for us in the past few years, and especially in the last 6 months, are really amazing.  I know that the hosting “forum” for this blog is a rabbit forum, but I must digress from that for a few paragraphs to say this …..

Prepping saved us.

I’d really not call myself a “prepper”.  To be honest, I’m just someone who is concerned about the future on many levels and decided to take steps to cover a few bases.  One of the main things I’ve done is to learn to can my own foods.  I’ve also purchased things “in bulk” from places like “Sam’s Club” and the regular old grocery store (when items were on sale).  These “preps” have been what has kept us fed since the beginning of the year with a few “grocery trips” thrown in.  Relatively speaking, we’ve had to spend a minimal amount of money at the grocery store because of my mindset the past couple of years.  And while there are times we have to do without certain “luxury” items, all told, we’ve eaten fairly well.

I’ve read on the internet where “preppers” are called “selfish” and “uncaring of their neighbors”.  On the contrary.  If I am what some consider a “prepper” because I’ve prepared, I’d venture to say that my behavior has benefited my neighbors and been extremely “un-selfish” as we haven’t had to look to charity’s or welfare to make it through this period.

Anyway … end of prepper rant! :P

Check out my youtube channel for video’s on our little homestead!  WnCSohn’s Youtube Channel!

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