Progess on Hold due to DH’s Triple Bypass

Hasn’t much been happening around here.  DH had to have Triple Bypass Surgery done last week.


I’m investigating aquaponics right now, since we are now the proud owners of 5 IBC totes.  Our way of thinking is that we can garden and grow fish all at the same time.  From what I understand, growing in an aquaponics set-up produces faster plant growth and is less water intensive in the long run.  With the bonus of having fresh fish in the end to eat with our fresh veggies!


Fodder experiment has fizzled out since I had to spend so much time at the hospital with DH.  He’s much much more important to me than making sure fodder gets started every day!  :P


We still have 3 rabbits left to butcher and the hutch doors still need completed.  Once we can get those doors finished, I’ll begin breeding the remaining rabbits.


This weekend will be the weekend that the chickens we picked up in January turn 14 weeks old.  Might take a chance at “skinning” one or two of them myself this weekend.  Depends on how things are going around here.


Will update the blog when things start picking up around here again.