Dipsatch Day and Fodder Update.

Yesterday was Dispatch Day.  We processed 6 of the rabbits and ended up with 14# 4.9 oz of rabbit (not de-boned and no organ meats).

2 Rabbits we traded with our neighbors for some venison from this past years hunt.  We ended up having venison steaks for dinner last night.  Yummmy!  :)

4 of the rabbits are now sitting in the fridge aging.  Hubby wants to learn to debone rabbit, so he’s going to try and debone 2 or 3 of them.  We have found a recipe for bourbon chicken that I’m going to attempt with rabbit meat instead.  Might do that for Easter dinner!  :)

Here are the before and after weights of the rabbits we processed….

4# 9.6 oz    -    2# 5.8 oz
4# 8.0 oz    –    2# 2.3 oz
4# 7.0 oz    –    2# 0.9 oz
4# 15.6 oz    –    2# 7.6 oz
6# 1.6 oz    -    2# 15.3 oz
4# 11.6 oz    -    2# 5.0 oz


We have also started feeding fodder to the chicks.  They aren’t devouring as much as I’d hoped (i.e. all of it) but they *are* eating most of it.  I figure anything left that isn’t eaten can be raked up and added to the compost pile once every couple of weeks.  They’re really not leaving much but still, hate for it to go to waste!

I’m also not getting the growth rates I anticipated with the fodder.  I’ve changed my method a bit a few days ago to see if my growth rate improves.  But either way, it’s still more economically viable to grow fodder, even at this slightly reduced output, than to keep buying pellets.