Busy day today …

The weather was so nice that hubby decided today would be a “clean up the yard” type day.  He’s been out raking up/burning leaves and cutting down small trees around the property.


Oh, and my son finished up the final touch on the run for the chicks.  They’re loving their new space!


And yesterday was weigh day for the rabbits.  On average they’ve gained about a pound each in the last two weeks.  Our heaviest buck is now 4+ lbs!  :)


Watching their progress has given me much to think about as far as who I’m going to keep and who’s going to get to visit Freezer Camp.  I’m fairly certain I know which ones I’m going to keep, but things could change between now and whenever (since that’s about another month down the line).  Although I do know for certain I’m keeping DR08.  She has cali markings but has a nice soft short plush fur that I’m going to try and get more of in the future.


Let the genetic breeding/culling begin!  Oh, wait.  She’s only 6 weeks old.  Bah, guess it’ll have to wait!  lol :)


Oh, and here is a picture of our rabbit hutch.  It’s located over our compost pile for ease of composting!  :)  Eventually we will be building a “real” rabbitry, but until then this will do.  It will also serve as our quarentine area in the future.