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I chose red, yellow, black, yellow ochre, and gold.  I painted rough stripes, blending the edges of the colors into each other with my fingers.  I mixed a dark brownish-red for the sides.  Once I had it painted, it wasn't what i had been going for.  It was a lot of very bright contrast, but it was pretty.  I thought about doing a wash with some tea-colored paint in matte medium to tone things down to where I wanted them, but I was afraid to.  Doing a wash is a risk.  You can't be sure how it's going to turn out until it is dry.  When Shay saw it, he suggested I do a wash.  So... I pulled out the matte medium and the tea color, and painted over it.  As soon as I laid down my first brush stroke, I knew I had guessed my paint:medium ration incorrectly.  It was too late, however, so I finished painting over it.  Once dried, it was EXACTLY what I had wanted from the beginning!  :D


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