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Poor Nibbles…

Well, it’s been 28 days since we mated Fluffy with Pinto, and it was time to give Fluffy a nestbox.  Everything was fine and normal and everything until we put the nestbox in there.  Suddenly, Fluffy’s instincts have kicked in big time, and little Nibbles is now cagemate to a seriously hormonal rabbit.

Poor Nibbles!

Fluffy is cramming her mouth full of hay, and going around in circles in the cage with it, trying to decide what to do with it (hey, Fluffy… there’s a nestbox right there…).  Meanwhile, it’s all Nibbles can do to keep from getting squashed by Fluffy, who doesn’t seem to remember Nibbles is there!

Fortunately for Nibbles, this should last only a couple more days.  Then she’ll have a new worry — BABY BUNNIES!  :D


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7 Responses to “Poor Nibbles…”

  1. ladysown says:

    do you think nibbles will be safe in with fluffy once the kits come? some does get fiercely protective of their nest? others of course could care less who is around. What do you think fluffy will be like?

    • Miss M says:

      I’ve been wondering myself, Ladysown. My problem is space. I do have a dog kennel we could put Nibbles in, but it has large spaces that cats and other animals could terrorize or harm her through. I have nowhere to put the kennel in the rabbitry.

      Fluffy is sweet, and I can only hope right now that she will be okay with Nibbles in there once the kits come, since they grew up together. On the flip side, I wonder if the kits will be safe with Nibbles in there. I just don’t know. I wish I had someplace separate I could put Nibbles, but no matter where I put her (unless in the kennel), she won’t be alone. She will either be with another doe (and if she is with Pearl or Squeak, she is more likely to be attacked, I think, since they don’t know her), or she will be with kits that are growing out — in which case, she might actually become the bully.

  2. Ayesha Wang says:

    Do you have photos to share esp. the nestbox?

    Ayesha Wang

  3. Ayesha Wang says:

    Now I saw the nestbox, looks like the bunnies enjoyed it.

    Ayesha Wang

  4. Carol Foster says:

    Oh I love those pictures. Just want to ask is it really ok to put another adult rabbit in the cage with the newly born?

    • Miss M says:

      Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes not. It depends on the rabbits involved. I didn’t know what would come of it, and I was pretty nervous about what would happen when Fluffy’s first litter came. I had no extra room, though, so if Nibbles couldn’t get along with Fluffy’s babies, I was going to be up a creek.

      I was hoping that since they were raised together, they would be okay together. Thankfully, they have been. :) Nibbles seems to be more concerned about the babies than Fluffy does.

      I could just as easily ended up with a bunch of dead kits, or even a badly injured or dead adult, though.