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RESPIRATORS!!!  Anyone involved in mixing the peat moss and vermiculite should wear one of these.  It's not that they are toxic (the asbestos danger with new vermiculite was over decades ago when they closed a contaminated mine), it's just that dry vermiculite and dry peat moss have loads of particles that become airborne very easily.  Mixing on a calm day will help, but you will probably have significant amounts flying into the air anyway.  Large amounts of any kind of dust are bad to breathe, so we bought these.  A simple mask might do if it fits well, but this kind is much more comfortable.  It provides more coverage, and has a valve to let the air you breathe out escape -- saving you from a mask that gets more and more soggy and unpleasant from your breath.  Wearing a mask is already unpleasant, and we were going to be wearing these things for a long time!  So we sprang for the almost $5 apiece these cost to minimize our discomfort as much as possible.


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