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The first of 9 loads of mix is in.  We needed to keep the mix separate from the sand, so we laid a large tarp inside the garden box on top of the sand and mixed in it.  I poured the ingredients in -- one cubic foot apiece (or my best estimation) of the composts, for a total of 5 cubic feet of compost, and 5 cubic feet of loosened peat moss, and 5 cubic feet (a bag and a quarter) of vermiculite.  Mom misted the peat moss and vermiculite as I poured them out, and all during mixing, to keep as much dust down as possible.  Shay mixed all while I poured, and I helped mix when I was finished.  When the mix was ready, we used the hoes to pull most of it out of the tarp, and then lifted the end of the tarp to dump the rest of it out.  At this point, Mom switched to a stronger stream of water to really thoroughly wet the mix.  Here you can see Mom spraying the mix down, while Shay continues to mix a little.


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