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Winterizing the Rabbitry

Okay, so I’m a bit late posting this.  We prepared the rabbitry for winter quite a while back.  Rabbits aren’t particularly sensitive to cold, and tend to prefer it to heat, but we do have to protect them from winter winds.

We took some visqueen (heavy clear plastic sheeting) and wrapped the screen with it.  Shay rolled it at the top and bottom to have enough to tack on.  Then we took some leftover lattice and pulled it apart, stabbing our hands with staples several times, until we had a bunch of strips of wood.  These Shay tacked on over the plastic to hold it to the rabbitry.  The last thing to do was to cut the door back out so we could get in.  :)

Here’s the rabbitry before:

The rabbitry during the spring, summer, and most of the fall. It is built of old window screens.

And here it is after, just when it started earnestly getting cool:

Only the screen is covered. The space below it, for a few inches to the ground, as well as above it, to the roof, is still open for ventilation. The rabbits get no direct wind at all.

It works really well.  Shay just added a spring to the door so it doesn’t blow open when we are out there tending to the rabbits!


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10 Responses to “Winterizing the Rabbitry”

  1. chopsuey says:

    looks great! Now I just need someone to build me a replica of your rabbitry in my backyard!

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you! :) It works well. As with everything you do the first time, there are a couple of things we would do differently, but they’re manageable.

      The main thing, the fact that it’s a bit of a tight fit, we would not change, because we would have needed a permit if it had reached 100′ square. So if there are two of us in there, and one of us needs to get by the other, either one goes outside momentarily, or one squeezes behind the other. :D It works.

  2. ladysown says:

    looks good miss m :)

  3. ottersatin says:

    Miss M,
    it looks very nice and since it works
    it is perfect. An excellent solution
    to the winters cold.

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you, Ottersatin… We don’t want the rabbitry to be unpleasant to look at, especially for my uncle’s sake, so I appreciate that. :)

  4. farm girl says:

    Looks very nice Miss M.

  5. Taylor says:

    Because the solution is so simple and low cost, I’m guessing that you recycle the plastic come spring time and start all over again the next winter with new plastic sheeting?

    • Miss M says:

      I don’t really know what happened to the plastic when my husband took it down. Our daughter and I were cleaning the rabbitry, while my mom and my husband took down the plastic. I don’t know if he folded it for re-use, or what.

      But yes, the sheeting is inexpensive enough to put up new each winter. :)