Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Apple Cider Vinegar?

Post Number:#1  Unread postby WyoBunnies » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:29 pm

I have heard this is good for rabbits coats and to help with the ammonia smell of their urine. How much do you ad to the water?

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Re: Apple Cider Vinegar?

Post Number:#2  Unread postby shazza » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:48 pm

it's something like a teapoon per 8oz or something along those lines. i just eyeball it. a little more or less and they don't seem to mind or care. i don't find it changes the smell of urine much, but it is good for a health boost and if your does are being difficult to breed. i like to give it to my weanling kits to help combat the effects of stress and in the does' water when i'm gearing up to breed :)
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